7 Chimney Roof Flashing Installation Tips

Chimney roof flashing – First, use thick gloves. Remove any obstacles. Second, apply roof flashing a stack requires that the metal was consistent with the approximate shape of the chimney. This will help keep water from leaking due to air gaps. To do this, the surface of the roof and the chimney must be free of any debris or obstructions. If there are flashes in place currently, remove it before adding new piece remove any nails, old sealant, branches, dirt or loose cement. Third, use a cricket. This will angle blink away from the chimney to better control the rain, snow and ice down the roof instead of sitting next to the chimney.

Base Chimney Roof Flashing

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If there is already a cricket installed, but it needs to be repaired, fashion a new metal. Fourth, use tin snips to cut. Tin snips are the best tool to use when working with metal flashing thickness of the metal flashing is more than a utility knife to cut through, but too small for a circular saw. Tin snips are also better for the overall control of the cut. But it must be repeated that security is important at the intersection of flashing. Wear gloves, long sleeves and eye protection. Fifth, cut flashing big enough for chimney and roof. When cutting the flashing, you must be sure that there will be at least 6 inches coverage in the chimney itself and 10 inches coverage on the chimney roof flashing.

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Counter Chimney Roof Flashing

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This must be one piece and not two pieces of a continuous protective barrier. Sixth, flex flashing gently. You have to bend roof flashing for chimney cut to conform around the chimney in the corner of the chimney. Making small cuts in flash so it will bend around the corner easier. Use a soft mallet to bend the flashing. So it sits flat between the chimney and the roof bends it for rapid metal to crack. Last, use roof nails and caulk seal. When the flashing bends around the chimney, the roofing nails to secure it to the ceiling. Use a waterproof caulk to seal the edges and nail heads. And your chimney roof flashing was done.

Steel Chimney Roof Flashing

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