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Chimney flue tile – The chimney is an architectural element of great visual protagonist inside a house and can hardly go unnoticed when we no longer wish to take advantage of its function for some reasons or others. So if we do not want to opt for canceling and get into reforms with the complications they entail, we can opt for a variety of ideas to decorate disused fireplaces and give them a new life both functional and decorative.

Brick Chimney Flue Tile

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And a space for your dear and faithful friend? Whether it’s a dog or a cat , the fireplace can be a very cozy corner that adapts with much art and little budget to a warm environment for your pet . He will always be close to you while you watch your favorite movie or read that fantastic book and you will feel safe in this chimney flue tile only yours where to take long naps.

Chimney Flue Tile Small

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If you want to create a romantic chimney flue tile corner in your home, surely flowers and candles are the infallible resource. Both on the worktop and inside the fireplace you can have a set of candles of various sizes and formats that combined with small floral arrangements will create a dreamy climate in your home.

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Chimney Flue Tile Options

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