Chimney Cleaning Brushes: Easy to Use

Chimney cleaning brushes – Cleaning a chimney is very important to home security. Each chimney should be cleaned regularly to avoid starting a fire in home. Cleaning a chimney is especially important when using artificial logs because these logs are made from wood chips and other similar materials which burn very hot when compared to wood fires or gas fires. Build-up of creosote and soot should be similar to regular wood logs, but hotter fire can create a fire hazard faster.

Chimney Cleaning Brushes Color

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Cover all furniture in living room. Tape down coverings, so they will not move.  Put on gloves, goggles and a mask. Cleaning a chimney is very dusty. Breathing in dust can be harmful to your health and get corrosive dust and soot in eyes may hurt them.  Measure chimney cleaning brushes using a tape measure.  Measure inside of chimney tile. Measurements are important because they dictate appropriate size of a chimney brush. Remove any ashes with a shovel, bucket and small diet. If a fire recently was burning, wait until ash has cooled down before removing.

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Chimney Cleaning Brushes Size and Color

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Put chimney brush in chimney from scratch. Work chimney cleaning brushes up and down a few times through chimney, add more rods as they are necessary to reach top of chimney. Look up chimney with a flashlight to make sure it is clean. Make sure flashlight shines brightly up to top of chimney.  Sweep up and vacuum entire area, where soot and dust. Clean fireplace. It may take time to clean everything, but they cleaned chimney will prevent a fire.  Use a creosote remover or inhibitor to slow creosote buildup in chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Brushes Models

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