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Chimney pots – A chimney is indispensable for the discharge of smoke when you use a stove or fireplace. An onsite masonry chimney is an excellent idea, but it does require a good performance. Nothing should go wrong with placing the chimney. A safe alternative is prefabricated chimney pots in concrete or refractory clay. A properly installed chimney is indispensable for the proper functioning of your chimney. Choose therefore chimney pots with an appropriate diameter so that the gases are discharged quickly.

Best Chimney Pots Design

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Chimney pots are the elements inside a chimney. They thus form as it were the flue and allow the flue gases can quickly and safely leave your home or building. The chimney pots are usually made of refractory materials for combustion and heating associated with high temperatures. Some of these materials include terracotta and refractory concrete.

Best Chimney Pots Ideas

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The flue must be positioned correctly so that your fireplace is working properly. Here, the chimney pots dimensions are of great importance. Therefore, choose a schouwpot with an appropriate diameter so that the gases are discharged quickly. You know not which diameter is best for your project? Be sure to ask advice from one of our specialist Edema staff. Can explore our chimney pots on the front row.

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Popular Chimney Pots Ideas

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