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Chimney Brush Kit – Cleaning the chimney or combustion liner is a maintenance process that must be performed at least once a year. Whether the fireplace is used for burning wood or gas products, sweeping or cleaning the fireplace that can be done by the homeowner. By following some basic procedures, you can wipe the fireplace liner in less than an hour or so and keep some hard-earned money in your pocket. Assemble the correct size and shape of the steel fireplace brush for your fireplace.

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Fireplaces are generally available in four basic sizes: 4, 6, 8 and square 10 inches in diameter or round. The steel chimney brush kit can be found at your local favorite store and in the form of combustion. Place the extension posts for the duration of the combustion before entering the roof, which will be much easier to handle the long brush. Open the flue outlet cleaning door so that any excess debris does not collect around the line area exiting the house when the chimney is being cleaned.

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Remove the chimney cap and inspect the burner screen for damage. You may want to wipe the screen around the combustion cap with a smaller chimney brush kit to remove residue from clogging. Push the steel firing brush into the chimney and push it down, turning it clockwise for a round type combustion liner.


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