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Copper chimney caps – To prevent rain, moisture, small animals and other things the chimney entrance, you must install a chimney cap. It is a fairly easy process to complete. Be sure to take the right measures necessary to purchase the proper chimney cap. Measure the length and width of the chimney if it is square. Measure the inside and outside diameter of the chimney if your chimney is round. In addition, the highest combustion rate.

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Be sure to choose the copper chimney caps. Galvanized chimney lids should not be used for exhaust gas logs because corrosive can damage the home. In addition, to avoid rusting, frequent maintenance is necessary. More expensive, but easier to maintain lids are made of copper and stainless steel. Strong winds can blow the lid off a chimney, if it is installed loosely, and damage the environment. Make sure that you stay away from the cap slide. Screws fixed with screws or combustion is more durable and secure.

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Evaluate the design of your fireplace before you buy copper chimney caps, since the lid can sometimes affect the shot of the chimney instead of increasing its efficiency. You can also think about buying a wind-driven cap, which increases efficiency through a vacuum project on the pipe. A chimney damper isolates the house, and prevents loss of energy.


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