Distinctive Ornamental Chimney Pots

Ornamental chimney pots – operation of these chimneys is very similar to that of a boiler. Heat is channeled to a water circuit that can be used to circulate around house and this is heated as if in each room there was a wood burning fireplace. Radiators can be installed or placed under floor so heat is emitted from below. hot water can be circulated or transferred to a reservoir from which it can be used as hot water for washing or bathing. This saves a significant amount of energy and fuel, which in turn translates into less economic cost.

Antique Ornamental Chimney Pots

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All ornamental chimney pots do not work in same way. Depending on installation, some models are only used for heating. Through a closed circuit, water circulates through all pipes when fireplace is lit. Others are in charge of heating and hot water for a larger installation and a system that regulates when water is carried by pipes and when it is just to heat environment.

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Ornamental Chimney Pots Home

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There are some important differences between these ornamental chimney pots and traditional hot water boilers. Main one is aesthetics, since bioethanol or wood fireplaces, for example, with much prettier and can be used as a decorative element more. They also function as a direct heat source, something that boilers do not. In contrast latter usually have a little more power, but also have a higher consumption.

Ornamental Chimney Pots Ideas

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