How to Paint Wood Porch Flooring

Wood porch flooring  – Wood is a durable and cost effective way to build an outdoor structure. Typically, the wood porch flooring finished until it has been installed, but it can be painted after it has been put in place. The wood must be protected from humidity or moisture will damage the tree quickly. Once the porch has been painted, it must be maintained and frequently inspected for water damage or stains. Extraordinary painting and maintenance will extend the life of your investment.

Awasome Wood Porch Flooring

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Choose your color oil-based porch enamel. Choose a product that is designed to handle large numbers of foot traffic. The paint can will specifically state that it is for porches and floors. Remove everything from your porch before you start painting. Apply a water repellent sealer to the porch, using a paint roller. You may need to go back with a brush to get in between the planks of wood porch flooring. Cover the ends of the boards and other exposed area.

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The Wood Porch Flooring

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Wait overnight for the sealer to dry before applying a coat of primer. Use a roller to paint over it porch with an oil-based, powdery mildew-resistant primer. Apply the primer in the same way you painted sealer. Allow the primer to dry overnight before applying paint. Paint deck with porch paint that you have chosen. Use a paint roller to apply paint on all ends of the wood porch flooring. Use a brush for the edges and between the boards. Wait two to three hours after the first coat to dry and an additional layer.

Wood Porch Flooring Models

Wood Porch Flooring Models

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