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Copper chimney cap – A copper chimney cap has several upsides and is taken into consideration by any homeowner with a chimney. Copper covers do not require frequent maintenance. As they do not stain or allow all materials to build on them. The copper chimney cap will cover the top of the chimney and prohibit infiltration of water, which can cause indoor erosion. And also access of small animals that may enter the chimney or nesting birds in the part Top of the same. .

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Copper chimney cap is one of the most commonly used by homeowners simply because they are effective and inexpensive. During the process of burning fuel, sparks and coals sometimes fire the chimney lid. So causing the risk of a fire. The copper chimney cap prevents sparks from coming out of the fireplace and lighting the ceiling, which keeps you and your home safe.

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How to clean copper chimney cap? Starting with make a paste of dissolving one teaspoon salt in one cup of white vinegar. Then add the flour. Depending on your chimney cap must to double or triple the recipe. Apply a layer of glue to your copper chimney cap and let it sit for up to an hour. Rinse with water and dry with a cloth.  After rubbing salt against the lid with a dry cloth, rinse hood with water and towel dry.

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