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Metal chimney flue – You know that chimneys are the place to emit toxic gases, dusts and dirt. Where you are near the chimney of the plant, the factory … (especially the window or the main door towards the chimney), and your health is more or less affected. You have to know that dust particles emitted from the chimney can spread very far, even flying from continent to continent, with the naked eye you cannot see it.

Brick and Metal Chimney Flue

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These dust particles, which you inhale, accumulate in the lungs, which can cause cancer each and every day. In addition, these metal chimney flue dust particles can also stick to food, drinking water into the body through the mouth to make you suffer incurable diseases. Many of you today are thinking backward, always think that the front of the new good. For those living in front of the highway all year round smoke and dust, this is a disaster.

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Metal Chimney Flue Modern

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Therefore, when choosing a home must pay attention to the ambient air environment. Where the air is not healthy but choose to settle is wrong! In many books about feng shui, we also teach not to let the bedroom window toward the metal chimney flue, if the room where pregnant women are living can miscarry, premature birth or deformities .

Metal Chimney Flue Ideas

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