Plants Used to Build Sun Porch Furniture

Sun porch furniture – If you look a little around your sun porch, chances are you are surrounded by furniture made in whole or in part of plants. Dry and treated plant materials are used in a variety of manufactured products, and furniture is no exception. Although you are probably aware of the common uses of plants such as home furnishings.


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Hemp fibers are most commonly known for their uses in the manufacture of ropes and cables, elements that are part of many woven sun porch furniture designs. Look for hemp as the main component of many hammocks and in fabrics used for summer furniture designs, stretched on wooden frames. A more innovative use of hemp in furniture is like a type of wicker frame, where thick strands of hemp fabric cable are treated with a liquid solution to harden into sofas and sturdy chairs.

Wicker plants

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Light wicker furniture, generally used to bring to life areas such as porches and interior sun porch furniture, are made from a variety of different plants. The most common plants used to make wicker are woody, but thin and flexible, such as reed, rattan, bamboo and reeds. Some wicker designs are made from hard and dry grapes. Wicker furniture has a basket-like appearance, light but strong and takes on forms of natural plant fibers.

Sun Porch Furniture Traditionals

Sun Porch Furniture Traditionals

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