Safe and Protected Chimney Wrap around Cover

Chimney wrap around cover – although it is not extraordinarily common, it is sometimes necessary to route a wire through a chimney chase. The key to any installation is the protection of the cable to protect it against the high temperatures generated in and around the flue. Keep the wire safe and protected from these temperatures is key to a correct and safe installation.

Chimney Wrap around Cover Attic

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Make a hole at the point where the cable has to enter or exit the front or side of the chase. Insert the fish tape into the hole. Probe into the hole to get an idea of how close the chimney wrap around cover is to the entry point of the chase. Secure a magnet to a chain with electrical tape. The fall of the rope through the hole, lowering it to the point of exit. Use the second magnet to locate the pull chain. Press the chase icon to pull the rope out.

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Chimney Wrap around Cover Roof

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Remove the tape from the chain and the magnet. Plug the wire into the pull chain. Retract the chain slowly through the hole. It is critical that the wire meet code conforming to the CL standards. This chimney wrap around cover prevents the cable from catching fire and acts like a wick that carries the flame from one room to another. Also, the cable does not burn when exposed directly to the flames.


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