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Chimney fire starter – The fireplace is often an important area of the home. Especially during the cold period such as winter. A fireplace brings a lot of comfort for you and your family when you feel cold. When you start a fire in your cold chimney, there are many factors you need to consider. Choose materials. Before you start a fire. You have to collect a number of enough firewood and paper. The best paper you can use is the newspaper.

Brick with Chimney Fire Starter

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Once you have prepared the entire materials lock valve fully. It is best to use seasoned hardwood. Make sure it is dry. Seasoned wood is defined as hardwood (from slow-growing trees) that has been let dry in a well ventilated place for at least a year. Do not use unseasoned and green wood. As this may cause creosote deposits inside your stove and your chimney walls. When the chimney fire starter is ready, you can set a light to the wrinkled papers in three spots.

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Diy Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter

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Completely lock the air control of the oven. Leave the door slightly open to let some air to pass through the combustion chamber. Keep an eye on the door so that it does not quite open when flickers of fire wood can cause injury. While the fire begins to burn firewood of chimney fire starter, it may require extra wood to keep the flame going. When the fire has already begun, do not put in extra paper.


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