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Chimney brushes and rods – Few things say summer like a barbecue in your backyard patio. Instead of just buying a simple grill, build a built-in barbecue system in your patio plans. Adding the grill from the start is probably easiest, but do not shy away from converting an existing terrace in an outdoor eating palace. A simple L-shaped terrace grill allows you to install all your cooking materials and equipment on the short side of the L shape while using the long side as a dining counter. Include plans for cabinets, so you can keep your grilling tools and equipment handy.

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Addition of a small refrigerator mounted under the cabinet allows you to keep spices and sauces handy as well. The most spectacular element of a chimney brushes and rods stove patio grill level is the cylinder of concrete which raises as much as a 4-meter high. The chimney portion forming a drain line that is located next to the adjacent fire pit. The chimney automatically pulls up the smoke produced in the fire pit.

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This grill chimney brushes and rods plan offers a rustic chimney style, while you can grill several chicken, ribs, fish or roast at the same time. Create a patio grill that can be enjoyed even during fearful weather by installing an awning over the cooking and dining areas. Install a hood over the grill to take care of the smoke issues, and welcome to plan an outdoor meal, even when you see dark clouds on the horizon.


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