The Chimney Cap Replacement

Chimney cap replacement -Technological developments continually change the way we see the world around us, and fortunately also the way we use our resources. The old wood stove has long since been replaced by gas or induction, and the large fireplace that heated the whole house, has been replaced by a modern fireplace insert or a pellet stove because we do not want to do without the comfort effect, the visible fire brings into the house.

Chimney Cap Replacement on Double

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The highly efficient fireplaces, however, a price in the form of a much lower flue gas as the energy to be utilized around the hearth, and not in the chimney. The old listener was often linked to chimneys with large internal dimension, for example. up to 24 x 24 cm, which was also very poorly insulated. High flue gas temperature ensures a good draft in a chimney, it being the temperature. The effect disappears partly, when the temperature is lowered. Therefore they require modern fireplaces smaller internal dimension of the chimney cap replacement, for example. Down to 13 cm.

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New Chimney Cap Replacement

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If, for instance. couples a modern stove to an old chimney, smoke may not pull properly through the chimney cap replacement, and the moisture condenses, and sits on the inside of the chimney in the form of condensation. That is what we popularly call soot. Tarry soot can cause much damage in a chimney, and even catch fire after a chimney fire.In the flue chimney remains dry and there is not formed tarry soot. But you do not replace its entire chimney. A solution with a ceramic immersion tube (at low flue gas temperatures), or with a steel sleeve by consuming space or condensing operation


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