To Change Concrete Chimney Cap

Concrete chimney cap – To change concrete chimney cap, starting with take measurements of damaged chimney cap. A chimney cap should hang 2 inches over each side of your chimney. Buy a chimney cap that fits your chimney on a home improvement store or specialty shop. Hoods for chimneys made of Portland cement, which is why they are heavy. Be careful when lifting the cap. Then, remove the old CAP by breaking into small pieces with a hammer and chisel.

Chisel gently around the chimney, being careful not to damage the flue. Scrub up the chimney with a wire brush until all existing CAP mortar is removed. Next, have someone help you to get the CAP chimney on the roof and the chimney. Keep the cap chimney with a person to lift it on each side. Lift the chimney cap over the top of the chimney. Slide the cap over the top of the chimney. And carefully as the concrete chimney cap on top of the chimney.

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Adjust the CAP so that it is even. Filling the gap between the concrete chimney cap and the chimney with mineral wool or fire-rated rope. Squeeze a thick bead of fire-rated silicone caulk of wool or rope. Apply a bead of fire-rated silicone caulk under the common agricultural policy in the seam where the common agricultural policy and the chimney meet. Check seal annually for damage. Recaulk at the seams with fire-rated silicone caulk as needed.

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