Trends in Design Chimney Crown Cover

Chimney crown cover – Remodeling in a practical way and with trends in design and decoration is easy with Corona. We give you two ideas to transform your fireplace. Remodeling spaces like the room with very specific adjustments in certain corners is a practical and economic solution that will give new life to your spaces. The proposal of Corona in this opportunity is given at the point of the fireplace with two very contemporary options.

Chimney Crown Cover Chase

Chimney Crown CoverChimney Crown Cover ChaseChimney Crown Cover ModernChimney Crown Cover RepairChimney Crown Cover Round

The first is a bet on an elongated design where the chimney crown cover rises as a dividing element between living room and dining room or between living room and study. to break with the linear design, a niche was opened that serves as a small showcase or shelf to be able to some decorative element that you want to highlight. A simple and elegant change that will give another face to the living room of your house.

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Replacing Chimney Crown Cover

Replacing Chimney Crown CoverSmall Chimney Crown CoverSquare Chimney Crown CoverChimney Crown Cover ModelsChimney Crown Cover Parts

The second option is a less protagonist but equally interesting fireplace. This important component in the room remains a very original and subtle dividing element between the living room and the dining room. In this case, the design proposal is a shorter chimney crown cover, with a hanging bell that gives a very dynamic air to the space


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